Fall in Love Bigger and Better Than Ever Before

Are you ready for a greater love with your partner?
Do you have difficulty finding the words to express your feelings?
Do you avoid confrontation with your loved one?
Relationships can be difficult to navigate.  I can totally relate.

Keep Your Love Growing Stronger


Tailored for your Needs


Building a Solid Foundation

The Joy to Love Programs

Just Open Yourself to love

Private Coaching Sessions

One on One Coaching


Being a part of your big day

Fall in love with your life again!

Who is that stranger in the mirror?! It’s time to get to know that wise woman because she has much to share.
This 8-week program will get you excited to now be in your 50s…and beyond….

Fall in love with your life again so you can:

  • Feel inspired to reawaken to your gifts and possibilities.
  • Start seeing opportunities everywhere!
  • Be excited to start your day!

By putting yourself on the priority list you will:

  • Show up each week and do the assignments.
  • Rescript your life in just 8 weeks.
  • Become a part of a like minded community in our Facebook group.

Remember you are NOT doing this alone because you:

  • Meet in a group with us once a week.
  • Can book me for 2 private one hour coaching sessions, I’m here for ya!
  • Have the flexibility to reach out to other members in the Facebook group any time!


In this two hour session you will learn some effective strategies to help you understand and strengthen your partnership.

  • Are you open to make this relationship last?
  • Want to enhance your communication skills with your partner?
  • Do you desire a more harmonious life experience?
  • Is being on the same page as your partner important

This session will help and guide you to:

  • Build new communication strategies;
  • Fall in love bigger and better than ever before;
  • Understand yourself and your partner that much better;
  • Establish a newfound connection & mutual respect with your partner;


Just Open Yourself to love. This six week program will take you through the progression of getting to know yourself better. You will learn to fill up your own cup and have more of you to share with others. This is a great program to do on your own or with your partner.

This experience will help you:

  • Open yourself up to your full potential and possibilities
  • Tap into your dreams for an awesome future
  • Become a positive thinker
  • Learn what is truly important to you and your happiness

6 Week Program – Live or Online


Perhaps you are looking for some personalized, one on one coaching. I offer one hour sessions, and bundles of three hours. Together we can discuss and customize what you need, whether just for you or for you as a pair.


Are you looking to get married? I would be honoured to be a part of your big day and customize your ceremony to be exactly what you want. You can request to book me directly through All Seasons Weddings here.

Keep Your Love

Bliss Maintenance Packages

  • Discover your Couple Power

  • $Book Now/mo
    • 3 Sessions

    • 3 Growth Assignments

    • Schedule as Needed

  • Explore your Connection

  • $0/mo
    • 6 Sessions

    • 6 Growth Assignments

    • Schedule as Needed

    • Custom Navigation System

    • 6  Months Text Support

    • 6  Months Email Support

  • Plunge into your Full Relationship

  • $0/mo
    • 12 Sessions

    • 12 Growth Assignments

    • Schedule as Needed

    • Custom Navigation System

    • 12  Months Text Support

    • 12  Months Email Support

    • Emergency 911 Calls

    • Signed Book Copy



Sherry Nash

The Love Coach

For over 30 years in a committed loving relationship, my husband and I have finally found our way.

I share my knowledge and experience to help you both discover more about yourselves and propel your love forward.

As a certified life coach, naturopath and Wedding Officiant my mission has been to help people find their JOY.


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