Letting Go of Self-Judgement

Letting Go of Self-Judgement

I attended a great seminar last night, and was ‘womaning’ the iPEC sponsor table. Thank you, Jac for asking me, because it gave me a great position to meet and greet folks from. Wanda (my wonderful photographer who took my pic on FB, etc) came up to me and commented on how good I looked. She kept saying “there’s something different”. Did you change your hair? Nope. Did you lose weight? I wish, but nope. I thought maybe it was my new bra!! Um, nope. But while my girls are definitely perkier, no, the real change is on the inside.

These past few months have allowed me to grow and expand in amazing ways. And what is at the core of that shift? Letting go of self judgement!! And what does that lead to?? Inner peace and self love. WOW! Who knew?? I was surprised and tickled pink to get that feedback from Wanda, especially since she is someone who’s photographed me and still she noticed something major had changed. The inner work we do definitely shows and shines on the outer package.

Have you let go of your habit of self-judgement? Are you learning to accept ‘all’ of you?? For today you just have to ‘accept’. Give yourself a hug. xoxox

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