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Sherry Nash Finding Yourself Montreal Workshop


Sherry Nash

I’m Sherry and, first and foremost, I am happy!

But I wasn’t always this way. As a teen I was rather miserable. It must have been those hormones!  I smoked, I drank, I treated my body like a real temple… a temple of doom that is!  I’m so glad I finally kicked those nasty habits.

My happiness has allowed me to see more of my possibilities and to step into my calling to serve humanity by helping others to achieve their best life.  One of my highest joys is to see people shift into their greatness, to learn a deeper appreciation and gratitude for life then harness that by taking action.  I recently left the corporate world after 39 years to pursue my desire to help people to own their health and raise their consciousness.  A higher state of consciousness allows us to feel that we are choice, we choose, rather than to feel we are the effect of what life sends our way!  A much more empowering state to play in and live by. 

In am an Integrative Holistic Health practitioner, a ThetaHealer®, a certified life coach, an artist and a Reiki Master.   I use these various methods, as needed, to help personalize a path just for you. 


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