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What do i do?

For me, it’s all about your first session with me and it begins with an assessment of your life, followed by a conversation about that assessment. We discuss what’s going on with you, how you are feeling, where you are now and where you want to go. Your goals will drive where we go from here, and how long it will take. I customize my program for each person so you get exactly what is required for you to achieve your objectives. No cookie cutter methods here. No way. You are too individual and important! We go outside conventional box thinking.

To see the greatest impact in your life we will ideally work together an hour a week for a minimum of twelve weeks. However, you will almost always see a shift in your life’s perspective within four weeks.

If it is energy healing that you need you will start to feel better after the first session with each subsequent visit fortifying that good feeling! Sometimes you may only need one or two energy healing sessions and you are done, no need to continue. 

Based on what we discuss in our initial conversation, I may use one or several methods to help get you to your goals:

  • Coaching to help uncover your limiting beliefs, what might really be holding you back even when you don’t know (especially those that are subconscious and really holding you back!). 
  • ThetaHealing® makes changes and improves mind, body and soul, and is especially effective in clearing limiting beliefs.
  • Energy healing (Reiki) if you are in need of a boost of energy. 
  • Naturopathy if you are experiencing an overall sense of unease or ill health.
  • Art therapy if you just need something to spark your day, to get the juices of joy going! 

I want to help move you forward in your life, to find happiness, fulfillment and joy!


Okay, I guess the easiest way to share my thoughts is to say that I really didn’t know much about the idea of reiki. Quite by chance, Sherry and I were sitting and talking about my issues with my back which were causing me so much discomfort that I often had to take pain killers. Sherry asked me to let her just have a few minutes to see if she could help through the power of using energy. Although I didn’t have much faith in this type of healing, I said okay. As hard to believe as I found it, I can actually say that since that interaction, I have had almost no back pain whatsoever. I honestly believe that the absence of pain is directly related to the “treatment” that I received that evening. I would consider seeing Sherry again if ever I begin to have back pain in the future. I guess Sherry has made a believer out of me.

Claire Campbell

“Sherry has a tremendous depth of knowledge and is tremendously effective in dealing with bad habits and addictions. If you are ready to see yourself in a new empowered way and are ready for a life of freedom it is time to hire Sherry!”

Alfonso Castaneira, ProSpeakCoach

“Since the fall of 2012, many things have supported my awareness of life’s journey and all that I have to offer the world. Through coaching sessions with Sherry, enlightenment has resulted in advanced self-respect and recognition that I have what it takes to achieve anything I desire.  I take every day knowing that anything really is possible and that people will choose whether or not to be part of my journey.

I act with conviction that every individual has a true and unique purpose in the world.  Each session helps me gain clarity on my vision and challenges me to extend myself beyond my comfort zone in order to gain momentum in achieving this vision. Among other things I commend Sherry especially for her gentle patience. Sherry’s genuine interest in people shines through and makes her easy to talk to and work with. Sherry supports me as an individual and demonstrates care and sensitivity throughout our discussions.”

Cori-Ann Surette

Cori-Ann Surette, Curves

“Cheerful, upbeat, kind and perceptive, Sherry has helped me to clarify and focus on my goals. When I want to avoid a topic, she gently brings me back to face my fears. She expresses interest in my problems, however small they may seem to an outsider they can seem insurmountable to me. I look forward to talking with Sherry each week.”

Avis Brodie

“Sherry Nash is a supportive and insightful coach who leads you to challenge yourself in an environment that makes you feel very supported. I connected with Sherry about controlling a habit but found that Sherry’s coaching affected all aspects of my life positively. Sherry has a way of finding the words and asking the questions that made me reevaluate my reactions to relationships and my approach to life, and to see the root causes of my habit. Her attitude makes her a real role model but her personality is very approachable. She is very easy to talk to and share with, and I looked forward to our chats. Sherry is very inventive and was very good at presenting ideas in different ways until it resonated with me. Sherry’s ‘homework assignments’ inspired me and led me to greater understanding. Her words have stayed with me and I hear her voice daily, counselling me. I would not hesitate to seek out Sherry in the future or recommend her for her coaching services.   

Janice B

“This was my first participation in group support so I just didn’t know what to expect. I started to feel stronger and think more positive. Now I feel more love and respect from my family. I would recommend the course to others because it brings some positive energy in participant’s life.”

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From Shari Reinhart, for speaking at MiB in May 2016:

I have met and listened to many dozens of speakers over the 10 years of leading MiB Montreal networking group. I found in Sherry Nash a speaker who could easily talk about hard things and engage us with something new to think about. Sherry has such an open heart and an easy way about her so she was able to grab and hold all of our attention. She welcomed questions and was able to spark enlightened conversation around her key topics about habits and addiction. There was a real buzz in the room after her presentation and the feedback was excellent. Bam! Sherry delivered big time.



I would love to share how your lunch workshops have influenced my everyday life…..

First off, this seems to have happened at the exact moment in my life where I would most benefit and be open to all that you’ve shared and taught us. The last year and half of my has been instrumental in my personal development and understanding of what MY life is all about and you have been able to provide me with some actual tools (the tapping, “what would LOVE do”, being grateful, setting my intentions/downloading the energy in the morning, understanding that we are all connected, the power of our thoughts and visualizing … and so much more).

My stress has dramatically reduced, I feel a much stronger sense of calm (serene) inside me, I no longer take things personally (well, most anyway), I reflect on my actions and what I am feeling as much as possible, I try to understand if it’s my ego that is making me react or feel a certain way and I am trying to communicate differently than I am used to, in a way that I am truly getting the message I want over to another individual.

I am grateful to you, Sherry, for all your time  and all that you have taught me… for your compassion and

how easy you make it for me to  open up with you and the group. You are someone very special.

Leslie G
  • I am happier;
  • I now start the day on the right foot
  • I am more positive
  • I have more openness to others and what they might be experiencing
  • I have concrete goals and knowing that it is possible to reach them
  • I am more aligned with my values, more balanced in my head
  • I now have a new tool that I pull out and use often:  “What would love do know?”…. stop. think … calm down … do not act on the spur of the moment.
  • More posed, relaxed, rational.

I am much more relaxed with my daughter, when she doesn’t listen, when she is not wanting to go to bed or take her bath, I will use humor a lot more and disarm any tensed situation. She responds more positively to me, than if i were stressed and screaming. Mommy is happier = baby is happier and the

whole family is better.  We have more quality time together, less worry about what is not on the list of my top priorities.



FEEDBACK FROM MY CLASS on “Joy (Just Open Yourself)” and “JOY TOO” courses:

I’ve taken Sherry’s JOY and JOY TOO workshops and have been awakened to senses about myself I never noticed (or paid attention to).  Paying attention to one’s self is truly insightful and rewarding.  The tips and techniques I learned in these workshops have come to help me through many of life’s challenges in the past year. And even if I’m just feeling blue, I instantly think of the 7 levels of energy and begin working on moving into a better level.  Thank you so much Sherry for your wisdom, compassion and authenticity!  These workshops should be on everyone’s bucket list!!!!!   xo


“Before I enrolled in Sherry Nash’s Joy I & Joy too workshops, I wasn’t even aware that I didn’t have joy in my life.  Sherry Nash taught me important notions, principles & techniques that made it possible for me to:  realize what my passions were & attain my goals (step-by-step); which resulted in bringing me that elusive “JOY”.   I then learned that in:  letting go of limiting beliefs; adopting positive self-talk; affirming positive mantras; acknowledging my gratitude & maintaining a balanced life, I can preserve that treasured bliss in my life. 

Sherry gave me my life back!  You must meet her… she is amazing!!!   This is the best gift you will ever give yourself!  Get ready to improve your quality of life, while enjoying the ride getting there!!



What can I say about Sherry Nash and her amazing course “Finding your Joy! Thank you for starts. This course came into my life one year and a half ago when was going through the worst time of my life. I was separating and feeling lost. It opened me up to seeing a different side of life and my spirituality and inner growth. It had such a profound impact on my life and I am still using a lot of the tools that Sherry taught us. The dumping journal is a very important tool that I use to work through a lot of the things that are going on in my head. Nothing better than the gratitude journal because really nothing better that seeing your life from the good that you have. Debbie Coveny and I started the (facebook) group “Joy” Inspirations from that course and now it is growing so really it is about learning and paying it forward. Thank you again Sherry for opening my eyes to a different way of seeing the world and how the universe works.  


Let me congratulate you on giving >100 percent of yourself each class. I can see you have a passion for what you do and it is wonderful. You have given us ideas I had not thought of. It’s amazing that many of your students have gone from a 3 to maybe an 8 on their ‘wheel’. I pretty much have stayed between 7 and 10, 10 being my social life! I am certain it’s mainly due to my healthy social life that I am usually pretty ‘up’. Good friends are sooooo important.   


There must be someone looking out for me as I  found your “Finding Your Joy” class just when I needed a positive influence in my life. I went from extremely stressed at the start of classes to almost relaxed after eight weeks!  There was just such positive energy in the room that I couldn’t help but be lifted up by it.  The classes were interesting and there was always good discussion.  I learned at lot and met some fantastic people.  I am now more able to be in the moment and not focus on the past; to center myself and take some deep breaths when the stress levels start to go up; to set smarter goals; and maybe most importantly to try and look for the positives in any situation.  I can honestly say that I have a much more positive attitude these days.  Thank-you Sherry!!     


I loved being part of this group/course!  The atmosphere was positive, energetic, creative and fun, while still being able to be empathetic, supportive and helpful when a participant would talk about a challenge or difficulty they were experiencing.  From the very first session, Sherry created a climate of openness, acceptance and trust for the group members.  The course was fun and uplifting, had a feeling of “free-spiritedness” to it, and was chock full of helpful self-development tools, as well as providing us with many references to helpful resources.  Sessions included lots of group sharing, group support, learning, wisdom and laughter too.  I would whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and wanting to move forward on their life’s journey.

Dawna Weippert

JOY (Just Open Yourself)” workshop should be on everyone’s “To Do” list so they can discover their path to authentic joy!  A deeply personal journey of inner reflection and growth is facilitated by a truly inspirational coach.  Sherry’s insight to authentic joy techniques are realistic, achievable and life changing.  Thank you Sherry for being an inspiration to me as well as a truly authentic being!


The course has given me important notions to be able to cope with what life brings me and deal with even the negative things with joy!  I would definitely recommend this course to others, it enhances your life.