Find your Joy during the Holidays!

//Find your Joy during the Holidays!

Find your Joy during the Holidays!

The holidays may find some of us depressed or stressed. A tip I can share is something I know works, and that is to be the THINKER and not the thought… that means for you to stay OUT of the story that makes you sad or stressed. You get to choose what you think so don’t go to the story that makes you sad, instead flip it. Steep yourself in gratitude, think of what you DO have and not what you DON’T have.
Your brain can only have one thought at a time, and your energy flows where your attention goes. If you are focusing on the sad parts of your life, perhaps a recent loss of a loved one as in my case with my brother, your energy will flow with that thought and you will feel sad, your energy will be low.  I invite you to flip the thought to remembering all the happy times you shared, all the wonderful memories, the things that make you smile and your energy is sure to follow.

It can take time and lots of practice, it is just like working a muscle, so be gentle with yourself. Give yourself a hug and remember that this too shall pass.

Sending you warm hugs and lots of Joy.

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